View from the Belfry August 2018

August 14th, 2018 by Kali Lewis


Howdy from the belfry! Yep! It’s Benny again! You United Methodists amaze me! You also tire me out just watching all the work you do! In late June a whole bunch of you baked almost 500 pasties when it wasn’t even pasty time! You also froze them, so that in July you could unfreeze them, bake them again, and sell them at FolkFest! As soon as you finished that, you turned around and baked pasties again for the regular monthly pasty sale! A tremendous thanks to everybody who helped with these efforts (and I think almost everybody helped in one way or another). An even more tremendous thanks to Vic and Sharon Vanderville, who headed up the whole FolkFest project, and who worked about a gazillion hours on it themselves. It was great to earn the money you earned, because it is needed and will come in handy. However, the fun people had working together and community spirit which such endeavors produce were priceless. While that was going on, a small crew consisting of Bette Jahn, Sara Blanchard, and Amy Sundling decided to spruce up the parsonage and painted everything they could get paint on over there! It looks fantastic! Other people are also preventing moss from growing on their backs this summer. We’ve had Candace Haskell keeping the flowers and shrubbery around the church looking great. Jim Blanchard drew up a list of opportunities to serve the church in a variety of ways, from sanding and finishing the sanctuary floor, to touching up paint in the church, to building a bat house for your resident bat …(ok, so that one wasn’t on the list, but it could have been). Many people have already started tackling the chores on that list! If you haven’t seen the list or signed up to help, it’s on the bulletin board in the social hall, and there’s still time to get in on the fun. In addition to all that, Rev. Don, Mary Prater, Tooter Barton, and Janet Helmbold (who badgered everybody into doing this) made a special trip to Sault Ste. Marie to hold a memorial service for the husband of a resident of an adult foster care facility there. The resident has no family anywhere, and her husband’s family chose not to have any service. These willing workers for Christ went to the Sault, where Rev. Don gave a moving message, Mary played the piano (on a piano which hadn’t been tuned since the Middle Ages and sounded like it), Tooter (a friend of the resident whose husband died) made some appropriate comments for her friend, and Janet basically sat around and also ran into Mary’s car while trying to back around it. (Well, I guess even willing workers have their bad days.) All of this was done without compensation for a person in need who has no money to pay for such services. A huge thank-you goes to Mary, Rev. Don, and Tooter. (A pay attention to what you’re doing goes to Janet!) We really do have a great bunch of people in this church!