Trustee Report August 2018

August 14th, 2018 by Kali Lewis

In late May, the trustees inspected your parsonage and church as required by the Book of Discipline. We made a list of repairs and improvements for both locations that we felt were necessary and could be accomplished in 2018. With one major repair (parsonage chimney) costing nearly $4500, we estimated our total project cost for 2018 to be $6100. We broke these projects into small projects, published the information in our bulletin, posted the projects in the hospitality area, and asked for help from our members.
Because of many generous contributions of time, materials and money, we expect to spend far less than what we budgeted for these projects. The energy and commitment of so many members and friends of the church has been phenomenal and made this possible. We are truly blessed.
The major projects left to be accomplished this year are the chimney repair for the parsonage (this is contracted through Olson and Olson), sealing and painting the parsonage basement, and refinishing the floors in the sanctuary. Volunteers have signed up for these projects, and more help is definitely welcome. We will be scheduling these remaining projects soon, and we should be able to complete these projects by the end of the year.
The enthusiasm for keeping our church and parsonage in great shape is awesome. We are already thinking about what projects we will undertake next year. We welcome your ideas and suggestions which you can direct to Jim Blanchard, Kali or Pastor Don. Simply give us a call and we will bring your ideas to the next regularly scheduled meeting. The more eyes, hands and hearts, the better.
In this stewardship process, it is important for us to understand that in many cases, a member may ask that their donation goes towards a specific project and not the general fund. These special donations are not used for the general operating budget of the church. The general operating budget of the church comes from weekly donations, loose plate collections, and certain fund-raising activities.
Our general operating budget for our church and parsonage is roughly $7,500 each month. When unexpected repairs come up (things will break, just like at home), we may not have available money in our operating budget to cover the more expensive repairs and emergencies. We are truly grateful for special donations because they make those more expensive and emergency repairs possible.
We know the monthly cost to operate our church and parsonage is fairly sizeable. Our approach to managing our expenses is conservative, and we constantly look for ways to limit those expenses and still produce the highest quality outcome for our efforts. We also understand that our utility, maintenance, supply, and insurance costs will continue to increase over time, irrespective of our efforts. We continually shop for the best value in all of these areas.
Each week we print in the bulletin the previous week’s general budget collections and we are now reporting those special contributions separately so that everyone can see where we stand. We are not quite where we need to be for general contributions, but working together, with God’s helping hand, we will accomplish all that He sets us out to do.

Jim Blanchard, Trustee Chair