Mission of the Year – 2016

September 1st, 2016 by Kali Lewis

“Mission of the Year”

             Camp Michigamme is unique in the Michigan camping system in that our Marquette District actually owns the facility and completely funds its operation. Opened in 1922, it is 94 years old and in need of repairs and maintenance. It was chosen to be the “Mission of the Year”, and all the churches received donation envelopes. A challenge went out from one of the churches for each church to donate $1000 to this project. Darlene Pruess, a camper from 65 years ago, decided to sponsor a brunch after church on July 24th. She organized and guided those who volunteered, many of them former campers, and made it a very special day. So many of our members have been campers or sent children and grandchildren to camp. The oldest camper present was Hal Bundy at 87 and every decade since was represented. A display  of camp photos and memorabilia was accompanied by comments from former campers. $600 was raised, thanks to Darlene and the grateful members of our church! With the Youth Group contribution and the donation envelopes, we exceeded the $1000 challenge by $59!!


Submitted by Phyllis Burge