Mission Moment

February 8th, 2015 by Kali Lewis

The Mission Moment

When returning from a UMW meeting in the 80’s, I visited Cass Memorial Church in Detroit. A huge old church with Tiffany windows whose older members were no longer there, had been made the pastorate of a young lady named Faith Fowler. It was her vision to serve the people in this decaying neighborhood by serving free lunches and housing the homeless.

To learn what has happened since the 80’s, read the quote from Faith’s Christmas letter:

“Cass makes and serves 1 million meals a year. We provide a 5-day a week program for adults with developmental disabilities and a free Saturday clinic for people who are sick and need medication in addition to a diagnosis. Our agency houses 325 homeless people every night including a large number of children and adults with AIDS. We have created 85 permanent jobs utilizing trash and deconstruction materials.

     Beyond this, CCSS has created a pedestrian community out of abandoned, blighted properties. People today live, work, worship, study and socialize on the pedestrian campus where men and women stay in the neighborhood after putting their lives back together, serving as teachers, role models, and mentors for folks who are just coming off the street, out of the hospital, or home from war and prison. The Cass board, staff and residents have ambitious plans to create full-time jobs and to expand our programming for adults with autism.

     What we need now are partners, people who believe in us enough to turn our dreams into reality. Your investment will yield a good return.”

Faith has come to the Marquette district to speak at our UMW district meetings. We came to appreciate her candor, humor and dedication.

Norma Johnson, Mission Secretary