Mission Moment February 2020

January 23rd, 2020 by Kali Lewis

This 10 year old boy has just done something new and wonderful to him (see the joy and amazement on his face?!) He has just turned on the faucet in his grandmother’s house and marveled at the clean fresh water pouring out. Nothing like this has ever happened to him before. In the U.S. this is hard for us to imagine. But in the South West, about 40% of the Navajo American Indians have no electricity or running water or plumbing in their homes.

U.M.C.O.R, in cooperation with the St. Bonaventura Indian Catholic Mission, is funding W.A.S.H (water—sanitary—health) to provide running water and lights to 125 families in Baca, New Mexico who have never had them before. These improvements include new wells, individual home cisterns and water systems, and better water delivery routes. The improvement also includes solar power. With people from the community providing leadership, the home owners will receive training on how to maintain and operate these systems.

The January clearance sale has done well in raising money for this project and the Mission Committee thanks everyone who participated but remember, maybe you didn’t want a hat, but you can still give money to this project. We, here in Michigan, tend to assume that American Indian have the same access to basic necessities such as electricity, indoor plumbing, and clean water as everyone else, but the Indians in the Southwest are not so fortunate. Let’s at least provide them the availability of healthy water.

Mission Secretary,

   Norma Johnson