September 30th, 2015 by Kali Lewis


Q: What’s going on in this church?  Suddenly we’re having pie auctions and game nights, and I’ve heard that we may be doing something for Halloween!  We’ve never done some of these things before, and it’s been years since we’ve done others of them!  Why all the changes?

A:  Some of the changes you mentioned are to help meet the financial needs we are certain to have in the next few years in a creative and fun manner.  The pie auction, for example, was held to raise money toward a new roof for the church, which we are going to need within the next few years.  We can and should simply donate funds for this purpose, but we can also have a good time raising funds!  The game night was designed to provide an opportunity for our church family to become better acquainted with each other in an informal atmosphere, while providing us with a time for fun and fellowship which doesn’t involve great expense, traveling long distances, or activities such as smoking and using alcohol which are often associated with entertainment in other venues.  Years ago in this country, the church provided the main, and often the only, source of wholesome family entertainment and fellowship in many communities.  More recently, secular venues have replaced the church as places for families to go for entertainment, sometimes with unintended negative long-term results.  While the main thrust of the church has always been and should always be the work and worship of the body of Christ, we can  do more than this as we provide opportunities for our church family to fellowship together in new ways while also doing the more traditional work we associate with church.  If you have ideas which you would like us to explore as we broaden the activities we offer here, please let any of the members of the REACH Summit committee know.