Lay Leader Lines – March 2020

February 26th, 2020 by Kali Lewis

Q: Is it true that we’re having two annual conferences this year? Why?

A: We are not exactly having two annual conference this year. The 2020 Annual Conference will be held at the end of May in Acme. It is the regular Annual Conference, and will last four days as usual. However, Bishop Bard has also called a special meeting as a continuation of the 2019 Annual Conference to deal with some of the issues presented at that Conference. This special Conference will last a half day, and it will be at Albion College. Those clergy and lay representatives who attended the 2019 Annual Conference are asked to attend this special meeting if at all possible. Bishop Bard is hoping that we can come to a consensus on where to support the traditional or progressive stance by the Michigan Conference as a whole, so when the General Conference meets later this spring a decisive vote will be cast by our delegates to the General Conference. The issue under consideration will be the position which is taken on changing the Book of Discipline to allow full clergy rights and the ability to marry LBGTQ couples within the United Methodist Church. We shall have to wait to see what the outcome is and how it may impact the future of this and all other United Methodist Churches.