Lay Leader Lines – June 2016

May 26th, 2016 by Kali Lewis


Q: Are we going to change the time church starts pretty soon? We’ve always started an hour earlier during the summer months than we do in the winter. I’ve heard that this year we might not do that. Why not? After all, we’ve ALWAYS done it that way before. It’s a church tradition!

A: It is true that we are not starting church earlier this summer. The Administrative Council voted to keep the time schedule the same this summer as it is during the winter, and we thus will have church at 11:00 am through the summer months. One reason is that we lost a family last year when we changed to a 10:00 service for the summer. The family lived in Garden and felt they could not get the children ready and travel that far by 10:00am. They would very likely still be attending church with us if the time hadn’t changed.  Also, since then we have had several people express an interest in holding the Adult Sunday School class year round. This class meets before church, beginning at 9:45am. If we have church at 10:00am, that class would meet at 8:45am, which seemed a little early to some of its members. As for an earlier start in the summer being a church tradition, we actually have tried other things, such as having two worship services, one for the early risers and one for those who need more time to prepare in the morning. That didn’t work well because there weren’t enough early risers to warrant the early service. However, if you want to come to church earlier during the summer, how about coming to Sunday School? As far as church traditions, they can change! We could even establish a new tradition in this church, that of having flexibility in some manners!