Lay Leader Lines February 2020

January 23rd, 2020 by Kali Lewis

Q: I know that we are raising money to replace our lift within the next few years, but after the kitchen remodeling is completed, do we have any other major projects in the works besides the lift? It seems as if we are always being asked for money for some expensive project or other. Will we ever have an end to it?

A: As you mentioned, we are in the middle of refurbishing the kitchen and are raising money toward replacing the lift. We are also directing major funds toward keeping the parking lot and driveway plowed, since the heavy snows we are having result in result large piles of the stuff which need to be hauled away. We simply do not have enough room in the parking lot to store it and still have room for the cars. As for other remodeling or repair projects, there are none on the horizon within the next few months. However, we have an old church building, which means that problems could arise at any time. It is far better to anticipate problems than to wait until they occur and then try to find the means to deal with them. We also have other causes toward which we need to direct our time and energy (as well as funds), such as deciding what to do with the parsonage, initiating new programs in the church to better serve this community, and the like. I guess the answer to your question about whether or not asking for money will ever end, the answer is that it will end when all the needs are met, all problems are solved, all people are served, nobody has any more unmet challenges, there are no more wars, diseases, floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, or other natural manmade disasters, and all our church properties maintain the status quo without leaks, broken pipes, deteriorating roofs, etc. Until then, we will probably continue to need your steady contributions.