December 2nd, 2015 by Kali Lewis



Q:     Back in May I asked about having a prayer group to pray for the church to experience growth.  Your answer was that we could have a prayer group for this purpose if there was an interest.  Has anything happened yet?  I haven’t heard of any prayer group being formed.

A:     Recently this idea was discussed with a few of the women of this church, and a few have indicated that they would be willing to participate.  The current plan is to begin after Christmas, when we will set a time to meet at the church weekly to pray specifically for God to grow this church as He will, and to give us the energy to grow according to His purpose for us.  All who are interested are welcome to participate, not just the women.  The only requirements are an interest in this church; a willingness to pray (either aloud or silently according to your comfort level); a firm belief that God hears and answers prayers; a recognition that God will answer in His time, not our time; and a commitment to continue praying for as long as it takes for God to show us His answer.  Why not begin the new year with a new commitment to intentionally participate in God’s work in the world in this manner?  It costs nothing, demands no unusual skills or talents from the participants, is open to all, and could reap benefits which we cannot imagine.  Consider it your Christmas gift to the church this year!  Have a blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with the firm belief that God DOES answer prayer!