Lay Leader Lines August 2018

August 14th, 2018 by Kali Lewis

Q: I heard that we borrowed money from our own memorial savings accounts to use for other things for which those funds were not intended. Why did we do this? It seems to me that we are in danger of misusing money which is set aside for specific purposes if we borrow from those accounts in this way.
A. We borrowed money because we have had many expenses recently which the amount of money in the general fund was insufficient to cover. These expenses included such basics as staff salaries, electric and water bills, and the like. They did not include things such as the parsonage roof, which was paid for by money we raised specifically for that purpose, or for repairs to the church and parsonage covered by insurance, such as the post by the front door of the church and the large window at the parsonage which was hit by a BB several months ago. The fact is that our general weekly offerings are simply not large enough to cover our basic expenses. We are very generous when it comes to donating extra funds to disaster areas and giving for special projects such as the roof replacement, but somehow donating enough money specifically to pay the phone bill or to buy paper for the printer just doesn’t happen. We also borrowed money from the Northern Skies (formerly the Marquette) District which we are paying back in monthly payments at a low interest rate. As for the money borrowed from our designated accounts, that has already been repaid in full. We do not want, nor intend, to use designated funds for any purpose other than the ones specified by the donors to those funds. We do, however, intend to pay bills as they come due for necessary expenses and services. At this time, we are up-to-date in paying salaries, pension apportionments, and insurance costs. We are well behind, however, in paying our common budget apportionments, where we have paid about 20% of our assessed amount, instead of just over 50% which we should have paid by this time in the year. We seek your prayerful consideration of our situation and would welcome any suggestions which you may have to assist us in finding a solution