Lay Leader Lines

April 29th, 2015 by Kali Lewis


Q:   I once heard of a church about our size which had a small prayer group which formed and met regularly to pray for specific changes in their church.  One of the things they prayed for was that their church would grow.  It took about seven years, but eventually all those  prayers made an impact, and their church began to grow rapidly.  Sine the small group of prayer warriors began, their membership has increased from about 150 to over 3000.  I’m not sure anything like that could happen in this area, but why don’t we have a prayer group in this church?  Surely we have things we should pray for above and beyond what we do in church each Sunday!

A:   There is no reason we can’t have a prayer group in this church!!  If this is an area of interest, we can do it!  Is anyone interested?  All it would take is a very few people who are willing to dedicate themselves to meeting together on a regular basis to pray, diligently and from the heart, for whatever need is evident.  9It wouldn’t have to be for the church to grow if that isn’t a concern.)  If you are interested, see Pastor Don or one of the lay leaders (Mary Prater and Janet Helmbold), and we’ll get something going!