From the Pastor’s Desk October 2018

October 1st, 2018 by Kali Lewis

What an amazing September it has been!   A team has formed comprised of members of the staff-parish   relations committee and the REACH team. They will be contacting members and setting up dates for training for ushers, greeters, communion servers, liturgists, ambassadors and shepherding, and fellowship hosts and hostesses. They will also set up schedules. Let’s get ready for training, learning, praying, and listening to God’s voice. There is much to celebrate and in October we will continue to journey together, learn how to love, and pursue God’s vision for our congregation.

I’m excited for October to come, not just because of what God is doing among us, but because of what He is doing around us. The leaves are beginning to change even as I write this. I look forward to seeing the beautiful changes God brings in the fall. We know how beautiful the U.P. is in the fall and I am looking forward to seeing it for myself! Nature teaches us so much about God. In the fall, we learn that God brings change and change can be beautiful.

I hear that many people don’t like change. Yes, change can be a bit scary because we are naturally fearful of the unknown. We know what life is like now, but if life changes, we don’t know if we will like it, or if we will be able to survive it! Sometimes we like the way things are currently, yet I’ve heard that “for things to stay the same….they must change” as well. I think there is truth in that statement.

If you think about it, nothing ever stays the same. Over the past several years, our family has changed immensely.  All of our children have changed. They aren’t who they were a few years ago, and I am amazed to see the changes God brings in their lives. Each year they become the people God has created them to be. That has been our prayer throughout their entire lives. If there were no changes, I would know something is wrong!

While change can be frightening because we don’t know what change will bring, change can also be beautiful. I’m not writing about change for change’s sake. I’m referring to purposeful change. When we allow God to bring change into our lives, He brings beauty as well. Perhaps we shouldn’t really be so afraid of change, but rather we should be intent on allowing God to bring change. As we continue to journey together, I believe God changes us. He continues to bring us to places of blessing and paths of love. Let’s remember that we have been loved with an amazing love and we are to love others the same way! I don’t know about you, but to love others as I have been loved by Jesus means that I will have to change. When I do, I know it will be beautiful.
All of us are searching for peace of mind, love, comfort, a good life, perhaps even notoriety or “the next big thing”. Often, we search along routes that are well established to find these things. Occasionally we look in other places and find what we are looking for, only to discover upon further examination that our discovery is much more than we were searching for. When we find Christ within our discoveries of peace of mind, love, comfort, and the good life, we realize that we have found New Life. The amazing thing is that those are often concealed within hardship, pain, suffering, and loss. We find God in strange places. We think we have found Jesus on our terms only to discover that Jesus wants to come to our house, to our heart. What joy! Who could have imagined how this would change our lives?!