From the Pastor’s Desk – October 2017

September 26th, 2017 by Kali Lewis

What a mighty God we serve! No wonder the angels bow before Him, and heaven and earth adore Him and declare His great glory and holiness! No matter what is happening in the world at large or your personal world, God is on the throne and as sovereign is working to perform His will in heaven and on earth (Mt. 6:10).

What is your view of God? Your view of God will determine how you live your life as well as the end result of it. Paul challenges us in the book of Ephesians to live up to the position and blessing God has ordained for our lives (Eph. 1:5; 2:6). While God has not called Christians to live in a bed of flowery ease, He has called us to a high and holy life filled with all kinds of exciting encounters. Even the events in our lives that are             troublesome and seem to be catastrophes God uses to mold our character, to fit us for His purposes, and to share in His eternal glory (I Peter 5:4). We  have an opportunity each day to hear what His plan is for us. Stay tuned.

It is beginning to feel like fall, and most of us know what is coming next. To the snow God says, “Fall on the earth”; and the shower of rain serves as a sign… Then the animals go into their lairs and remain in their dens. From its chamber comes the whirlwind, and cold from the scattering winds. By the breath of God ice is given, and the broad waters are frozen fast….” (Job 37:6-12)

The long, hot days of summer draw to a belated close (and we have had some hot days). The bright, cool days of fall settle in at last upon us, with their oranges and yellows, their reds and browns. I can remember (barely) when October came around, Dad would winterize the windows in the old parsonage by stuffing newspaper into all the cracks between rattling window panes. It was also, time to make sure the coal bin in the basement was filled , time to harvest what was left of the garden: kale, greens, winter squash, and a few lingering tomatoes. For the farmers, it’s time to clear the ground for winter so that it will be ready to plant again in spring. Although we had a small garden, we had some work to do to get the garden ready for spring. It’s the rhythm of life since time immemorial- predictable and comforting.

God gives us times and seasons by which to measure out our living. The animals are in on it, as are the plants and the weather, and although  the regularity of the seasons is increasingly disrupted by carbon pollution, still they give a rhythm to life. They provide a sense of perspective, regularity, a cycle that gives meaning to time. The seasons display God’s eternal purpose in our world: birth, life, death, new birth…world without end, until the sun burns out. Even when our sun has finished its shining, God’s process of life probably just continues someplace else out there in this enormous cosmos, in the orbit of some other star. (Not that I necessarily believe in space aliens, but in a universe this vast, it’s a mathematical probability that this is not the only world God loves!).

The church hallows time by ordering its life according to seasons, so let’s see where the beginning of this new season takes our church.  We will say goodbye to those who head to warmer climates, and as always make visitors feel as though this is their church and that they are very welcome.

I was asked by a member why I have not been wearing my robe, I know that very few of you care what I wear to worship, but you may notice that I have not been wearing my robe for communion, or other “high holy days.” Mostly I have stayed with a suit because the robes are hot. However wearing white on sacrament Sundays is in keeping with old Protestant tradition, and is also the tendency of our mainline churches in this ecumenical age. White is joyful and celebratory. White symbolizes the purity of the   sacraments. (Have you ever noticed that the communion table and baptismal font are a purer white than anything else in the church?) White is consistent with the new splashes of color in our worship space, namely the seasonal paraments. One thing October teaches us is that colors are always changing with the seasons. I also have another robe that I wear that was given to me by Martha Weeks.  It was belonging to Max Weeks and it is special to me. So as the days cool, I will again start wearing robes and will wear white on communion Sundays.

Peace and Grace,

Pastor Don