From the finance secretary

February 8th, 2015 by Kali Lewis

Church Finance It has always been the policy to distribute the contribution statements every quarter, but in an effort to save paper and postage costs, it has been suggested we only distribute the year-end statement. To further state the case for this change, there were 67 different statements generated for the 2014 year end which equates, for the whole year, to 268 sheets of paper (over half a ream), 268 envelopes (over half a box), and about 1/3 of that total has to be mailed which amounts to approximately 90 stamps.
For the reasons stated, it has been decided to only put out the year end statement, but if you want a quarterly statement or require it for tax purposes, please contact Bill Tufnell and he will print one off for you.
Bill Tufnell, Financial Secretary