September 30th, 2015 by Kali Lewis


Hello from Benny, your bat in the belfry!  Recently I saw something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before in this church, namely, a pie auction.  I’ve never seen so many delicious looking pies before in my life!  I didn’t count them, but they more than filled two tables!  People bid on them, and by the time all of them were sold, the church had earned $758.00 towards a new roof!  WOW!!  A big thanks to all who made pies, bought pies, sold pies, and were willing to pay far more than they would have in the grocery store for some of those pies.  Of course, no grocery store would carry the huge variety of pies which were donated.  Have you ever heard of a Kentish pudding pie before?  Neither had anybody else!  Funny, though.  With all the pies which were donated, there wasn’t a single mosquito pie in the batch!  I expect it’s only because mosquitos can be hard to find this time of year.  Well, perhaps you’ll have another pie auction next spring when mosquitos are likely to be plentiful…  Hey, I’d bid on a mosquito pie myself, , if I had any money!  Way to go, church family!

A View from the Belfry bat