A View from the Belfry May 2018

April 26th, 2018 by Kali Lewis


Greetings from the belfry! I’m writing this a little early (April 15) and it’s still winter!!! The wind is blowing, the snow is falling, the roads are icy, and I’ve decided to go back into hibernation! Before I do so, however, I need to comment on some of the projects I see going on around here. Things are changing! We now have a new projector and movie screen in the church sanctuary, thanks to B.J. Ash! So far they haven’t been used yet, although by the time I wake up again from my seemingly never-ending winter’s nap, and by the time you read this, they might have been put to good use. It’s my understanding that they will be used to enhance the worship services by displaying the words to hymns, appropriate scenes or writings which compliment the sermons, announcements, the weekly schedules, or whatever the minister and those who lead the worship services want! (I personally think it would be a great opportunity to watch a Batman movie or a nature program on the wonderful world of bats, but I suppose I might be voted down on those suggestions.) To those of you who didn’t witness what was done first-hand like I did, it involved long ladders, lots of drillings, a few acrobatics, and more know-how than your average bat possesses! And all without the benefit of wings! Thanks, B.J., for your hard work. Now how about dusting the chandeliers in the sanctuary? Take it from me, they could use it!
Oh, my goodness! I just awoke from my mini-hibernation (it’s not April 20), and spring has arrived! The snow is melting, robins are flying around looking for nesting materials, and the temperature is in the high 40’s! Will wonders never cease! And will spring really last this time?? Time will tell!