A View from the Belfry March 2018

February 28th, 2018 by Kali Lewis

Howdy from the belfry! Boy, has it been cold up here recently!! Once in awhile we get a little relief from the bitter cold, but it never lasts long! However, I can tell that there is hope! This church is beginning to have unusual meals at strange times for a church! For example, one Tuesday evening about 38 people or so got together and had pancakes and sausages, with all kinds of syrups to put on top of them! Boy, did it look and smell yummy! The only thing is, each one of those pancakes was about five times as big as I am, when my wings are folded up. Can you imagine eating a pancake five times your size? I think you can understand my problem; that’s a pretty intimidating pancake! The thing is, those 38 people seemed to be having a good time, as well as enjoying good food. The very next day, people gathered again for a special event, an Ash Wednesday service in the afternoon. Only about 12 or so people were there. What happened to all the rest of those folks from the night before, and how about all of those who are usually here on Sunday mornings? The message the minister gave was really good, and I didn’t hear anybody singing off key on the hymns. The people who came seemed to get a lot out of it, and while they didn’t eat anything, they did get ashes on their foreheads, if they wished. I’m not sure what that was about, but it appeared that if people didn’t want to get their foreheads dirty, they didn’t have to do so. So why not show up for that Ash Wednesday service? I thought a lot about it, and finally decided that if those people who go to all the work of writing messages and practicing the piano and organ, and all the other things which go into having a service really want lots of folks to attend, they have to serve pancakes! However, maybe other food will work, too. I’ve heard talk about having soup and bread suppers on Wednesday evenings for the next few weeks. Maybe lots of people will show up for those, too. I remember last year that people who did come thought the soups were really good! How about it, church family? Why not see if you can get 38 people or so to come for soup and bread? I think they are planning to have sweets, too. Or, if you would prefer to hear some messages about Lent, you’re in luck, because those will be offered, too. Now, I’m just a bat, and I get things wrong a lot of the time, but it seems to me that just maybe those messages, while they might not taste yummy or fill the stomach, are just as important (or even more so) as pancakes and soup. After all, they may not fill the stomach, but I bet they may very well fill the soul, and that’s important too, isn’t it? Hope to see you at church on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm!