A View from the Belfry – June 2018

June 6th, 2018 by Kali Lewis

Howdy from the belfry! I am happy to report that spring has really arrived! While you humans still need jackets on some days, the snow is actually GONE, lawns are in need of mowing, and bugs are starting to return, which means we bats will soon be feasting on mosquitos again!
You know, I was actually humbled and a bit astonished to know that every so often somebody pays attention to a bat such as myself! In the last newsletter I mentioned that he chandeliers in the sanctuary needed dusting, and guess what??!! B.J. Ash actually dusted something up near the ceiling. He did the fans rather than the chandeliers, but that’s all right; he can do the chandeliers another time. The fans look a lot better from up here! Not only that, Lynn LaRose assembled a crew of diligent , hard-working workers, and together they scrubbed and polished the pew cushions, pews, and about everything else in the sanctuary. It smelled like Pine-Sol in here for a few days, which was actually not a bad thing, and the place really sparkled by the time they finished. Lynn’s willing workers were (in addition to Lynn herself) Sara Blanchard, Candace Haskell, Connie Meade, Linda Moon, and Sharon Vanderville. In addition of all of that, Candace Haskell also weeded and spruced up the flower beds outside the church! We know look great, inside and out! You know, when we all work together it’s amazing what we can accomplish! This church isn’t really large by most standards, and our senior citizens continue to outnumber younger members, but we still have a lot of life and energy left when we decide we need to get a job done. As I understand it, we may some day need to put all of that life and energy to work sprucing up the parsonage like we did the church. Rev. Don and Polly keep it clean and straightened, but there are a few places where a little paint, some minor repairs such as tightening the loose railing around the stairs, and a bit of other work could put that house in top-notch shape. You’ll probably hear more about that in the near future. Meanwhile, there’s an estate sale coming up at the Renton homestead, pasties to bake for Folkfest, pies to bake for a pie auction (sometime later on), volunteer opportunities for Vacation Bible School, a possible Adult Vacation Bible School to plan and attend… the work of the church continues on (and sometimes on and on and on). Well, a busy Christian is a happy Christian, right? I think it’s going to be a very happy summer indeed at FUMC!!