A View from the Belfry July 2018

June 25th, 2018 by Kali Lewis

Greetings from Benny, your very own FUMC bat! Spring is pretty well gone and summer is here! Somehow that reminds me that life goes on, too, and sometimes things go by so fast that they’re gone before I wake up to that fact. In June the high school seniors graduated , and we had a graduate from this church, which isn’t always the case! Congratulations, Phillip Hagenson, on achieving that milestone! Phillip had a very nice graduation party here in the church, with lots of yummy food. I guess, anyway. Nobody invited me. Somehow bats aren’t considered very welcome party guests. I’ve always wondered why… Well that’s all right because there weren’t any mosquito dishes on the menu anyway. As long as we’re considering our youth congratulations to Rylie Lawrence, who earns phenomenal grades in school, has been the student of the month at Big Bay de Noc School, is an athlete at her school, supervises the children’s nursery and Sunday school class at this church, and could probably knit booties for bat babies out of dandelion fuzz if she had any desire to do it. You know, our youth sometimes don’t receive the much appreciation from adults today. I hear that they are considered lazy, self centered, incapable of understanding how to work hard, unappreciative of all they have, addicted to electronic devices, etc. etc. etc. That really isn’t the impression I get of the youth in this church. Phillip helped Pastor Don load some heavy cars and car parts onto a truck at the Renton place. Rylie is in church regularly to provide a service to the Sunday school kids, which in turn helps both the kids and the adults who don’t have to do the job as a result. Our youth are wonderful! Maybe our older members might think back to when they were kids, and recall how their parents and grandparents felt about them. When you were a kid, did your grandmother sigh in exasperation because you didn’t know how to churn butter or make soap like she had to do when she was a kid? The truth was, you probably no longer had to do those things because you could buy the butter and the soap, something your grandmother may not have had available to her or she would have bought them, too. If your grandchild has no idea how to change the film in a Brownie Hawkeye box camera, does it matter? Who has one anymore anyway? While we older folks may not understand why kids today need thumbs to communicate with their peers, apparently our young people do, and can communicate very effectively that way. Yes, the world changes, and always has and always will. Appreciate the world in which you grew up, but don’t cling to it as if no other would could be as wonderful. The youth of today will likely have great memories of this world some day. Remember, God is still in charge of things! That doesn’t change, never has, and never will! Enjoy summer!