A View from the Belfry February 2020

January 23rd, 2020 by Kali Lewis

                 (Yawn!) I mean, greetings! From the belfry, that is. (Yawn!) You know, I’ve heard that bats hibernate for winter, so this winter I thought I’d try it. After all, with all the snow we’re getting, I don’t anticipate that the mosquitoes will be out until about August, and since there isn’t much food around for hungry bats, I decided to sleep for the next three or four or five months. Well, guess what!??! Just as I dozed off, this tremendous racket from the oven room scared me half to death, and ended any hope of a good long winter’s sleep! Clearly, you hard-working folks are at it again! It seems that this winter is the time a crew of the United Methodists decided to spruce up the oven room. Vic & Sharon Vanderville, Ted Burson, Gordon Barry, Jim Blanchard, BJ Ash, John Livingston, Norm Feichtenbiner, and who knows who else have been sawing, drilling, pounding, moving big pieces of paneling around, banging things here and there, and generally creating so much noise that this poor tired bat has entirely given up the idea of hibernating! Not only that, but some women are bringing in food for those guys who are making all the noise! To add to that a bunch of people are saying they’re going to paint the place as soon as the men are done with all their carousing around! What’s a poor tired bat to do?

Well, actually this poor tired bat decided to watch and find out what’s going on. What that is, I take it, is to put walls around the furnaces so we don’t have to look at them any more. Then, so I hear, they are going to put new flooring over the scuffed up and stained tiles we have now. By the time they get done, the whole place will look much better! Maybe then this poor tired bat will get some sleep, although I don’t  know about that. These Methodist folks are busy people who don’t rest on their laurels. Judging from how things go around here, they’ll find some other project to complete to keep the church in top-notch shape! I guess I really shouldn’t complain about that! After all, without all this hard work, we wouldn’t have the solid, attractive place in which to worship God that we do have. Maybe I can put up with a little noise for that. Thanks, you hard workers! We appreciate all you do for this church! (Now if only those women would bring in a spare mosquito or two for this hungry bat…)

  There’s also somebody else who deserves mention around this church. Norma Johnson is at it again! In the past she has made Christmas cards and just about everything else to raise money for UMCOR! This time it’s hats! Big ones, little ones, fancy ones, less fancy ones; they come in all different sizes, colors, and styles! They’re all cute, warm, and very well done. So far between hats, cards, and everything else she’s made, Norma has earned over $1000.00 for UMCOR. Not bad for a woman who has celebrated her 48th birthday twice and is working on her third time! Norma you amaze us! (I wish bats wore hats!)