A View From the Belfry

September 30th, 2015 by Kali Lewis

A View from the Belfry bat

Greetings from the belfry!  Wow, do we have a lot of hard workers in this church!  Do you know how much work it takes to do all the baking, selling, assembling and disassembling the pasty booth, running pasties from the church to the booth during Folkfest, and all the rest of it?  Oops!  Of course you do!  After all, its all of you hard working people who do that work!  Way to go, hard-working people!  I also see a lot of other hard work which goes on, often without anybody noticing.  Did you know that Phyllis Burge and her family decorate the cry room windows?   Now, you can’t even see what they do when you’re in the cry room, because the curtains are in the way.  Those decorations are for the congregation in the sanctuary!  Raise your eyes sometime and take a look at them!  They’re always timely, and they change regularly!  Something else Phyllis does is bake bread for newcomers to our congregation to welcome them to our church family.  Pretty cool, right?  We also have a special donor who makes the lap quilts which we bless and give to those in our church family who are ailing.  She doesn’t want publicity for this ministry, but many of you know who she is.  Thanks, mystery quilter!  You know, it doesn’t take a round of applause or a special award to keep the workers of this church quietly going about their duties, but I bet a few quiet words of thanks now and then from those who benefit from their labors of love would be appreciated.  So, from this bat in your imaginary belfry, THANKS, ALL YOU FANTASTIC WORKERS!!  YOU’RE AWESOME!!!