A View From the Belfry

June 2nd, 2015 by Kali Lewis

A View from the Belfry bat

Greetings from your resident bat!

Wow!  The church kitchen has been really busy recently!  We’ve had two memorial services within recent weeks, and have a recognition planned for our high school graduate in the near future.  In addition, we bake pasties every month, and have a social hour after church every Sunday.  The women (and some of the men) in this church really do a good job of keeping us supplied with goodies for all these occasions.  I often see the same friendly faces working in the kitchen for all of these events.  One person really stands out, however.  She not only helps with the pasties and special events, but can be seen providing refreshments after church almost every Sunday, it seems.  Whenever nobody has signed up to serve the coffee hour, she, along with a couple of other church members, can be counted on to provide a special treat.  Bette Jahn and Janet Helmbold have agreed to keep the freezer stocked with cookies, and do this pretty well.  However, Martha Weeks goes above and beyond the call of duty in this regard.  She bakes goodies for the social hours and sometimes for the adult Sunday School class, and even if not asked, will often bring something just in case a little more is needed.  Thanks, Martha, for all you do!