A View From the Belfry

April 29th, 2015 by Kali Lewis

A View from the Belfry bat

Wow! The snow is almost entirely gone, and the crocuses are in bloom!  Some of our snowbirds are returning, and aren’t wearing their heavy winter coats quite all the time.  I even heard someone say that the ticks are back.  I know what that means; it’s almost MOSQUITO SEASON!!  I’ll be pigging out soon, after a pretty lean winter.  For those of you who aren’t such great mosquito fans, there are lots of other things to which you can look forward, such as raking lawns, taking down the storm windows (for those of you with older homes), thinking about working up the garden plot, mowing the grass (soon enough, if not right yet), packing away the heavy winter clothing, etc.  It makes me think how lucky we are, to have lawns, and houses with storm windows, and clothing enough that we can wear different things for different seasons.  We even have the luxury of complaining bout things which aren’t REALLY that serious, like too many mosquitos (none of which carry malaria around here), weedy lawns (we could have barren sand or alligator infested swamps), clothes that are out of fashion (we could be wearing rags picked out of a large city dump like some people do), or houses that need painting 9we could be living in cardboard boxes we found lying in a trash heap).   Sometimes it’s hard to remember how good we really do have it, especially when we’ve developed a blister on our thumb from raking leaves or are itching another mosquito bite.  This spring, how about making a real effort to see the good things around us, and to give thanks to the One Who creates them for us…even the mosquitos!  (One human’s pest is some lucky bat’s dinner!)