A View from the Belfry

February 26th, 2020 by Kali Lewis

Howdy from the belfry! Last month I commented on the work crew making all that noise in the oven room of the kitchen. This month, you’d never know it was the same place! The noise is gone, the floor and all the painting and hammering and sawing and remodeling are done, and it is beautiful! Thanks again to all you talented workers who helped with it! I understand that if all the work had been done by hired carpenters, the job would have cost a great deal more, and our own church members provided all the labor for nothing! What is more, they knew what they were doing and it looks great!

Of course, United Methodists never seem to rest on their laurels. Lent is approaching, and with it the Shrove Tuesday pancake supper and all the Lenten soup and bread suppers will make their annual appearance. Again, you Methodists provide all the food and labor yourselves, and from what I hear and smell, the food is always great! Have any of you super chefs ever tried mosquito bisque or gnat dumpling broth? I haven’t, but they both sound delicious to me. Are there any volunteers out there who will make some? I’ll gladly share it with you! Well, in case nobody steps up to the crockpot for either of those, maybe somebody will volunteer to provide more soups more interesting to the human member of this church. If you’re willing, I suspect there are, or soon will be, sign up sheets where you can indicate which Wednesday evening you can help. Speaking of sign-up sheets, there are always opportunities to help in other capacities as well, such as by providing altar flowers, serving as ushers and greeters, hosting the social time after church, acting as liturgists, helping with programs at the Medical Care Facility, joining the pasty crew, dusting the chandeliers in the sanctuary… and I bet you could all think of other ways in which you can serve God and this church. If you see something which needs doing or have an idea for outreach, please let Pastor Don or one of the lay leaders (Mary Prater and Janet Helmbold) know. We welcome suggestions!