A View from the Belfry

November 2nd, 2017 by Kali Lewis

Hurray! It’s my favorite time of year, when bats abound! Happy Halloween, all you wannabe bats! Well, O.K., maybe most of you humans don’t really want to be bats all that much, even if we can fly and you can’t, at least not without using mechanical devices such as airplanes to help you. Anyway, this is a special time of year, and not just for bats! Most kids love Halloween and all the things which go with it, like dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating, getting enough candy to rot your teeth and give you stomachaches (well, again, maybe those aren’t really a favorite part of Halloween), and having parties at which they can dunk for apples and try to eat doughnuts hanging on strings. (Do kids actually do those things any more? I’m kind of a pretty old bat, and can remember when kids enjoyed stuff like that. Do they still enjoy that kind of stuff?)

Speaking of kids, this church is blessed with some of them! In fact, we have two of the cutest kids ever serving as ushers, with occasional assistance from some cute older folks. Brandon and Alex Ash do a fine job distributing the offering plates during the worship service! Do people give more money when cute kids collect it than they do when cute senior citizens do it? I haven’t asked, but maybe Bill Tufnell could check it out, since he and Kali Lewis count the money we receive in the offerings. I do know that the church can always use more money for special projects like eventually replacing the parsonage roof, but also for paying our regular bills for things like heat and electricity. We also could always use more money to share with other organizations like UMCOR and other mission endeavors. Maybe this year, every church attendee could donate the same amount of money to the church as they spend on Halloween candy for the kids, and specify that the extra offering go to help meet whatever need they wish. How about it, all you cute United Methodists out there?