A View From the Belfry – June 2016

May 26th, 2016 by Kali Lewis

A View from the Belfry bat

Greetings from Benny, up here in the nonexistent belfry! Last month I talked about the choir, and how much it’s grown. It’s exciting to hear it more regularly than we did before we had enough members in it to keep it going when somebody was absent! I am also hearing rumors that we may soon have other special music offerings, such as a youth band, a quartet, and maybe even some kazoo players, if we can find any! Actually the kazoos may just be a nasty rumor, but we are trying seriously to get a bell choir going. We need at least four ding-a-lings for a quartet, but could also accommodate up to eight or nine players if we have that many, because we have enough bells for that. You don’t need any experience at ringing bells; we’ll teach you how. It’s nice if you can read music, but that’s not required, since we can show you what to do. If you are interested, please contact Janet Helmbold and let her know. If she thinks you look like a prospective bell ringer (and if you have at least one hand you DO look like a prospective bell ringer to her), and if you don’t call her, she just may contact you! All you have to do to avoid such a fate is contact her first!